SkyGen presents you HelloBot, a IRC bot very simple than you can create without knowledge in programming and IRC ! No updates ! No difficults params !

HelloBot bases on the firsh LifeBot versions, who was very simple.

What's IRC ?

IRC is like a tchat, it's a network who you can talk on channels. For exemple, the IRC channel #SkyGen content a number of users who send the messages to talk.

What's a bot ?

A bot is a computer robot. It's a program who run and it respond a message when we send a command.
On IRC, a bot respond a message or do an action when we send a command.

You will need... a computer and internet. Oh, and Python, you can download it by clicking here (if you've got Linux, Python is already installed). Then you'll just have to download LifeBot!


This bot is under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, in case of re-distribution, you must quote the source by giving the download link of the original version of HelloBot. Selling this bot is prohibited.

Download HelloBot for Python 2.7
Download HelloBot for Python 3

Once the bot downloaded, don't open it ! Just right click the file and edit it (click on "Edit with IDLE" under Windows).
Follow the explanations located within the file. Don't forget to save (ctrl+s). Once these steps done, just double click the file to run the bot (under Windows) or open a shell and type "python bot_path" (under Linux)!

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