Easily create a Python Discord bot

Create your Discord bot easily without knowledge in programming with NextBot !

NextBot is a big step for us, but also for you. It is now very simple to create a Python Discord bot and also to learn programming by doing it. NextBot explains very well how the code works, etc.
You'll just need about 2 minutes in order to have a global vision on the bot's way to work, and so to be able to custom it, almost to infinity.

You will need a computer with Internet with the software Python 3 (not Python 2.7), you can download it here (if you've got Linux, Python is already installed).
After, enter the command python3 -m pip install -U in the terminal (under Linux) or cd Python 3 directory and python -m pip install -U in the cmd (under Windows) to install the library to create Discord bots ( Attention ! If the installation show errors, you must update pip using the upgrade command.
After, you must create a bot account on Discord, go to and create an app and create a bot, after, you have informations (token, etc), keep this tab open to configure your bot.
Give the permissions to your bot to read messages, send messages, etc with

After, you can download NextBot.
Required configuration : Windows or Linux with Python 3 (not Python 2.7)


This bot is under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, in case of re-distribution, you must quote the source by giving the download link of the original version of NextBot. Selling this bot is prohibited.

Download NextBot 2.0.0

Once the bot downloaded, don't open it ! Right click the file and edit it (click on "Edit with IDLE" under Windows).
Scroll down until you see the bot's commands, don't mind about what's before first command if you don't have any programming knowledge.
Follow the explanations located within the file, put your token in the tab you have left on the variable token and you can close the tab. Don't forget to save (ctrl+s). Once these steps done, just double click the file to run the bot (under Windows) or open a shell and type "python bot_path" (under Linux)!


With NextBot, you can for example make a bot allowing an easier chan use, by making commands that make the bot execute certain actions (answer to questions, directly giving links on a channel...), you can also use it for administrative functions in the channel (bans, kicks, status giving...), that bot has almost no limit!
Warning anyway, the use of this bot to flood (for example, automatic message every 10 seconds by sending multiple bots) is certainly not appreciated. If you do it, an operator of the IRC network your bot is on may ban you from the whole of it! By using this bot, you are responsible of the use you make of it. That's not a spam bot, neither a flood bot, but you can have fun with it!